In our experience, the end customer wants and buys the microcemento (aside because it is a product that is fashionable and is considered high decoration) because it is a product that is clean and that is applied to any surface and do not need large previous works its preparation.


The microcemento is ideal for any home, office or commercial product. It is applied to any surface, even in wet areas such as showers or terraces, which gives you versatility and application field so large that virtually has no limits.


The microcemento is already consolidated in the market due to its characteristics, performance, aesthetics, cleanliness and numerous advantages over product.

Our Mission

The aim of CIMENTART is to be market leaders worldwide in terms of Microcement. Be leaders does not mean that there is no competition for us means to be a recognized company with the best product and the largest market share in coatings microcemento in each country.
We were among the pioneers in the market microcemento and have accumulated a very high knowledge in the field of decorative coatings. Knowledge must be available to all and for this reason we make it available to any person or company.
Our purpose is to create a network of delegations, representatives and applicators that may have an alternative business to the construction, renovation or traditional decor, applying microcemento of the highest quality, creating very aesthetic spaces, free of dust and debris and fast and economical works for the clients.
Our company policy is: Having the best product with the best price and stock always available, and always ensure the correct application of our microcemento.

The future of microcemento is now a reality with CIMENTART!