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CimentArt Rustic is a cement-based coating, synthetic resins, aggregates and selected minerals. It is a product of great hardness and elasticity that is applied together with the CimentArt mixing resin manually, with steel trowel, both indoors and outdoors.

It is used to achieve a rustic decorative finish, with micro-concrete effect of approximately 2-3 mm, both in floors and walls or ceilings. You will achieve continuous and seamless finishing with your application.

It is used for the regularization of the supports, both in floors and walls or ceilings and create a decorative effect with a rustic finish, similar to a concrete or traditional cement mortar.

It has a thickness between 2 and 3 mm and for its adhesion properties it can be applied practically on any surface: walls, floors, showers, kitchen countertops or bathrooms, exterior floors, furniture, etc., without debris formation.

Its application is done quickly and easily. It can be applied on an infinity of supports: cement, plaster, plasterboard, marble, porcelain, tile, wood, granite, etc.

Available in the same range of colors of the CimentArt Microcement, with gloss, satin and matt finishes.

Its placement is done quickly and easily, being in most cases a cheaper product than other products in the current market.