CIMENTART microcemento

What is Microcemento?

The Microcemento CIMENTART is ideal for any surface decorative coating.

The Microcemento CIMENTART represents the best example of chemical and technological developments, using the traditional clinker for cement manufacture and this being additive to other products chemically transform the cement and make it a finer product with extreme hardness and in turn with great flexibility. A) Yes. a product that will not crack or fissure and whose strength and toughness are incomparable with traditional cement mortar or derivatives current is achieved.

The Microcemento CIMENTART not need together. Its application results in a continuous design, marbling without cuts or joints on surfaces where it is applied. The result is an extremely aesthetic and completely waterproof decorative coating. To be free and not having pore together, it does not require any maintenance and cleaning is very convenient and simple.

Possessing a minimum thickness after application (between 2mm to 4mm) and an enormous adhesion, Microcemento CIMENTART can be applied on almost any surface without forming debris. It can be applied on walls, floors, showers, kitchen countertops, outdoor floors, furniture, etc., and countless media such as cement, plaster, plasterboard, marble, porcelain, tile, wood, granite, etc.


The Microcemento CIMENTART is available in a wide range of colors and their placement is done in a quick and easy way. The Microcemento CIMENTART is composed of the following products:

  • - Union Bridge
  • - Mesh Fiberglass
  • - Base Microcemento
  • - Microcemento Fino
  • - Resin Blend
  • - Sealant
  • - Bi-component polyurethane