Rustic CIMENTART It is a cementitious coating, synthetic resins, aggregates and selected minerals. Is a product of high hardness and elasticity which it is applied by the resin mixture CIMENTART manually, with steel trowel, both indoors and outdoors.


It is used for a rustic decorative finish, About 2-3 mm, both floors and walls or ceilings. You will get your application continuous and seamless finishes.


The result in a decorative aesthetic and completely waterproof coating.


It has a thickness between 2 and 3 mm and its adhesion properties can be applied to almost any surface: walls, floors, showers, kitchen countertops or bathroom, outdoor floors, furniture, etc., without formation of debris.


It is applied a quickly and easily. It can be applied on a multitude of substrates: cement, plaster, plasterboard, marble, porcelain, tile, wood, granite, etc.


Available in the same range of colors the Microcemento CIMENTART with gloss and matte finishes. They are placed in a quick and easy way, and in most cases more economical than other products on the current market product.


CIMENTART Rustic is composed of the following products:


  • - Union Bridge
  • - Mesh Fiberglass (in soils)
  • - Rustic CIMENTART
  • - Resin Blend
  • - Sealant
  • - Bi-component polyurethane