CIMENTART Stone is a cementitious coating, synthetic resins, aggregates and selected minerals. It is a product of high hardness and elasticity that is applied by the resin mixture CIMENTART manually, with steel trowel, both indoors and outdoors.


Thanks to our R & D and development of new technologies, we have created a product that does not crack or fissure and whose strength and toughness are unmatched with traditional cement or mortar current derivatives thereof.


It is used for fine decorative finish, about 2-3 mm, both floors and walls or ceilings. You'll get your finished application continuous and seamless that mimic natural stone slate type. It can be applied on any surface: plasterboard, plaster, cement, tile, marble, porcelain, etc.


The result is an extremely aesthetic and completely waterproof decorative coating which imitates natural stone without any joint.

Being completely waterproof, it can also be applied in areas receiving water, and outdoor terraces, granite bathroom or kitchen, showers, etc.


Available in the same palette Microcemento CIMENTART. CIMENTART Stone is composed of the following products:


Union Bridge

Fiberglass mesh (in soils)


Resin Blend

Bi-component polyurethane